Free Consultation

Make An Appointment

Once you request an appointment, one of our qualified and helpful designers will contact you to schedule a time to meet and measure your space. Because no two projects are alike, a design and quote are created for each one, ensuring that yours is completely custom to you and your needs. Each design and quote are based on the project’s measurements, materials, and selected accessories.



At your free in-home consultation, our highly-trained designer will measure and consider the desired functionality of your space. During this 30 to 60 minute meeting, we will create a solution that best fits your needs and budget. We will customize the design to your style as you select your choice of finishes, lighting, and accessories. You will find a variety of styles to choose from, that are not only high quality and eco friendly, but also relevant to current trends. After 2-3 business days we will send you a 3-D rendering of your design. This will allow you to visualize what your final project will look like, and how it will function.


Set Install Dates

Installation dates are set at the local office, and are generally arranged with you at the point of purchase. Because each job is custom for you, a deposit of 70% to purchase materials and cover manufacturing costs is required before a scheduled date can be given. If you require a “rush” job, please alert your designer at the onset of your consultation.


Place Order

Nothing is cut until you place your order. Our skilled craftsmen use state-of-the-art machinery, fabricating each part to meet the exact specifications of your approved design. From cutting and finishing, to assembly and inspection, every effort is made to ensure the highest quality possible. Every jobs is completely custom, as is it manufactured at our shop in Kaysville, Ut.


Preparing for Install

Once your design is finalized, and installation is scheduled, it’s time to prepare your space for it’s exciting new makeover. Below are a few tips to ensure that your project is completed in the most timely and efficient manner possible.

1.) Remove all personal belongings - Before our technicians arrive, please clear the area of all personal items in and around the space where they will be working. Clothing, furniture, etc., should be moved outside of the immediate area to ensure full access to install your new closet, garage cabinet, and/or other storage solution.

2.) Safety Concerns - In order to ensure the safety of your family and our technicians, please keep children and pets out of the work area during the entire installation.

3.) Prepare the nearest entrance - As our technicians arrive, they will need to unload all materials and tools needed for your project. Please locate, and prepare an entrance with easy access to both your driveway and the space they will be working. If special conditions exist for your home or business, such as gate codes, service elevators, construction entrance, or parking difficulties, please discuss these ahead of time with your designer so that our technicians are aware and may make the necessary plans.

4.) In the case of a home remodel, the installation process takes place once your existing closet, cabinetry, or shelving has been removed. If you prefer, we have several general contractors we can recommend to prep your space (price negotiated with the contractor). Discuss this with your designer during your consultation. If you’d rather do it yourself, we recommend tearing out and painting your existing space at least 2 days before we install.


Our insured technicians provide the utmost consideration to you, your family, and your home while making your custom design a reality. Our employees are hired and trained to follow our strict conduct and performance guidelines. Once the walls have been prepped and ready to go, we will install the unit to your exact specifications. If you are available, the function of your adjustable shelving as well as any specialized lighting, and accessories may be explained to you at this time.



After 30 years of service, we know that you will be thrilled to see your vision come to life. The final reaction from our customers is what keeps our family striving to provide the highest possible service, with the most innovative and quality designs and products available on the market today. From your initial request for a design consultation, through the final installation, we are available to answer all of your questions every step of the way. Our desire is to make your experience with us exceed your expectations.